Where is Baby Giraffe?

Brian’s attention to detail is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!  He scans the environment so quickly with his eyes and can immediately find things that are out of place.  They are called, “Uh-ohs” I wrote about this in another post that you can read, here 

It’s an interesting phenomenon to me because of the incredible speed at which he scans his surroundings and says uh-oh.  It’s such a challenge for him to get out other sounds or words when he wants to communicate, and many things in Bri’s life happen at such a slower pace which has actually taught me to enjoy the scenery and the journey.  Uh-ohs are the pinnacle of Bri’s happiness, and also the accelerant of destructive behavior (creating uh-ohs).  It’s a fine line to walk daily, but one our family enjoys during the times it brings Bri such unbridled joy.

Yesterday Brian and I were hanging out in his bedroom.  The two most popular requests he asks for on his communication iPad are for me to go outside and swing him, and for me to go up to his bedroom.  When we get up to his bedroom we have a ritual that we go through every time and it seems to sooth him and bring him comfort.  He’ll try and say his favorite stuffed animals…..”t” sound for sea turtle, “e” sound for elephant, “f” sound for frog, etc.  As he says each lovey, I’m supposed to repeat them and clap my hands in between names.  It’s something I started years ago to encourage him to try and speak through movement and song.  Some of his lovies are baby animals, so I’ll say “baby zebra” or “baby giraffe”.

Speaking of giraffes, giraffes are one of Bri’s favorite animals and he has numerous giraffe lovies in his room.  There is Mama Giraffe, Daddy Giraffe (which he sleeps with almost every night), Grandpa giraffe and several baby giraffes.  He has so many lovies and blankets in his room that it’s hard to keep track of them all.  Well it’s hard for me, not so much for Brian.

As we were singing the animals names and clapping our hands, Brian suddenly stopped and started searching his room.  He was looking under his blankets, pillows, lovies and toys.  I had no idea what he was looking for and I asked him to tell me on his ipad.  He pressed this on his ipad.

IMG_0221 (1)


Found in Molly's bedroom

Found in Molly’s bedroom


His room is a mess!  It's amazing that he noticed something was missing!

His room is a mess! It’s amazing that he noticed something was missing!


I was surprised because I thought all of his giraffes were accounted for as I was looking through his things.  He was very insistent that one wasn’t there, so I decided to check Molly’s bedroom.  Sure enough it was there and she had snuck it out thinking he wouldn’t notice.  HA!  Nothing gets past Bri! 

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