Proud of Bri’s Progress!!

So if you read the “Life of Bri” Facebook page, you’ll remember we had some rough moments last week with Bri being aggressive during potty training.  He flushed a large plastic toy down the toilet at The Riley Center before I could grab it, and he also started pulling my hair again and I had to get an assist by Shana, a therapist that was in the bathroom at the time.  The one time of day Bri’s almost 100% successful is going to the bathroom right after he gets up in the morning.  That time happens to be around 5:15am every morning.  I really wish he slept in later, but if he does he always has accidents.  I’m trying to embrace the 5:15am and make myself go to bed earlier when I can because it’s so exciting to start the day off with success! Due to his aggression and my fear of potty training becoming a negative experience, I’ve decided to stop pushing him so much until we can get into a routine once homeschooling starts.  I’m hoping we can build it into our daily picture schedule with a ton of positive reinforcers.  I’m trying to come up with something extremely reinforcing in the bathroom to make him want to sit there.  The minute he sits down, he says “done” and gets up.  The iPad isn’t reinforcing enough because he has access to it throughout the day and it’s not something I want to limit to just the bathroom.  If anyone has motivating ideas, let me know.  The Riley Center sent home a sticker reward sheet that we were using for a long time, but that ended up losing it’s power.  I also need to incorporate a digital timer into our day because they had success with one with Bri at school. Since I’ve started putting more demands on him at home, I’ve realized one of the biggest reinforcers for him currently is a bath.  I knew he loved water and baths, but not to the degree that he’s been requesting them lately.  Last night before dinner he requested to go in the bathroom and I immediately asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom.  He refused to sit on the toilet and jumped in the bathtub.  It was nearly dinnertime so I told Bri, “First dinner, Then bath.”  He was very upset with me for taking him out of the bathtub, so I went to get his First:Then visual with the dinner and bath PECS cards to show him.  I wanted to reassure him that he was still going to get a bath, but he had to eat dinner first.  He resisted sitting at the table for awhile but realized he couldn’t get a bath until he sat and ate his dinner.  I was proud of him for sitting calmly once he realized I wasn’t going to back down from the demand.

Who knew a bath would be such a powerful reinforcer??

Who knew a bath would be such a powerful reinforcer??

IMG_1521   IMG_1520 After I showed him the First:Then visual and before we sat down to eat, I asked him to help me set the table.  I’m using the placemats that I made from this previous POST to give the kids a visual of how to set the table.  Bri has been taking the placemats off of the table and putting them on the counter whenever he sees them on the table and we’re not eating.  Last night I put the placemats on the table and asked Bri to put the plates on the placemats.  After I showed him how to do one, he put the other two plates on the other two placemats.  I then gave him a fork and spoon for Molly, me and him and asked him to put those on the table.  He went to the table and put all 6 utensils down in a pile.  I walked over to the table and showed him where to place a fork and spoon and then he was able to copy me and set the other two places.  He then went over to the cupboard where I’m keeping the plastic plates, cups and silverware and grabbed 3 knives.  We didn’t need knives for dinner so I didn’t initially pull them out.  Bri picked up 2 knives and as he was about to put them on the table I reminded him that there were three of us.  He went back and got one more knife and then preceded to put them in their proper place on the placemat.  He also put the cups in their proper place. WOW!  Such a HUGE accomplishment, sweet Bri!!  Mama is so proud of you!! 

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