Apparently Bri has extremely strong preferences on the things and materials he prefers to shred.  Last week I went to a consignment shop and bought a ton of shirts that … Continue Reading →


The Power of PECS, First:Then and Other AAC

After reading Temple Grandin’s, “Thinking in Pictures,” my eyes and mind were opened up to the idea of visual thinking for those on the spectrum.  I myself have always learned … Continue Reading →


The Nearly Indestructible Books

Today was a busy day, but I was finally able to do something that I’ve talked about doing for so long.  I started at the local school supply store, Schoolcraft, … Continue Reading →

AWESOME job, Bri!

Getting Dressed

Brian is going to be 9 next month, so it’s probably about time I stopped doing everything for him.  Now that I’ll be homeschooling Bri, I’ll have more time throughout … Continue Reading →

Left to right....1) Shirt he ripped a hole in at school, 2) shirt he took out of his closet, put on and then preceded to shred, 3) shirt he took off the hanger and completed shredded up the entire back.

Shredding, Shredding and More Shredding

My little guy, Bri, LOVES to shred!!  It started with his socks this past year….or maybe last year….it’s all a blur.  He always starts it the exact same way.  He … Continue Reading →


Setting the Table with Visual Help

Operation Independence is under way, and I’m finding different ways to incorporate visuals to help Bri learn some life skills.  I want to give both children jobs to do so … Continue Reading →

Waiting patiently when we first arrived.

OCD triggers and the worst shopping trip EVER

Do you ever have a great idea that totally backfires in your face?!?!  That would have been me, yesterday.  I had such great intentions and was excited about taking Brian, … Continue Reading →

Successfully made it 30 minutes in the car without trying to shred his shirt!

Operation Independence has begun!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately regarding Bri and his future.  This is a topic that is rarely talked about in my family because I think the thought … Continue Reading →

Hopscotch Fun!

Hopscotch Fun

I LOVE summer!!!  Things aren’t as hectic and I have more time to be creative and have fun.  My daughter has been talking about hopscotch lately, so I decided to … Continue Reading →

A Heartbreaking Decision

Bri is 8 1/2 years old and has his entire life ahead of him.  I never imagined I would be making this decision for him at such a young age, … Continue Reading →