Independence…..It’s what I want for Brian….

He is now nearly 11 years and 4 months old and I think about how to help him gain more independence every day.  I never thought I would still be putting him in pull ups, helping him with his spoon, bathing him, dressing him and so many other countless ways I have to help him every day.  Teaching independence has been a struggle for me because I’ve been doing everything for him for so long, but it’s a necessity that needs to be taken on a day at a time….and I’m trying.

We’ve been working on teaching him how to take a shower and bathe himself.  It sounds easy enough, but every single thing has to be broken down into many steps in order for him to learn how to master a skill.  Brian has a picture schedule hanging up in the bathroom showing him every single step to brushing his teeth.  There are 20 steps.  Imagine how many there are for taking a shower!

I’ll get back to the shower in a little bit……

I’m the leader of a Daisy Girl Scout troop that Molly is in and we’re having a Christmas party this weekend for the girls.  Today I made sugar cookies for the girls to decorate while Brian was taking a nap.  I was trying to get as much done as possible because he’s a little destructive with things in the kitchen at times.  Molly got home from school and helped me finish up since Brian was still asleep.  I was almost done when Brian came running down the stairs with nothing but a long-sleeved shirt on and a soaking body!  I hadn’t heard him but he had woken up from his nap and gone in my bathroom and got in the shower!

I took him back upstairs to survey the damage and he had peed on his bedroom floor, gotten water all over the bathroom floor and put a tennis ball in the toilet….BUT…..he independently took a shower and figured out how to turn it to hot (the water was still running)!  Sure he forgot to take off his shirt, but I’m still going to focus on his independence!!!  Who knows where he’ll be in a year….. 🙂

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