Cut up pool noodles inside a duvet cover provide the perfect place to relax.

Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Room

I first heard of Snoezelen multi-sensory environment rooms when we lived in Watertown, New York while we were stationed at Ft. Drum.  Brian went to a wonderful inclusive preschool there … Continue Reading →


Proud of Bri’s Progress!!

So if you read the “Life of Bri” Facebook page, you’ll remember we had some rough moments last week with Bri being aggressive during potty training.  He flushed a large … Continue Reading →



Apparently Bri has extremely strong preferences on the things and materials he prefers to shred.  Last week I went to a consignment shop and bought a ton of shirts that … Continue Reading →


The Nearly Indestructible Books

Today was a busy day, but I was finally able to do something that I’ve talked about doing for so long.  I started at the local school supply store, Schoolcraft, … Continue Reading →

AWESOME job, Bri!

Getting Dressed

Brian is going to be 9 next month, so it’s probably about time I stopped doing everything for him.  Now that I’ll be homeschooling Bri, I’ll have more time throughout … Continue Reading →

Our family, which now includes our son's service dog, Bonnie.

The REAL Autism Experts

It’s World Autism Day and Autism Awareness Month.  I haven’t blogged in over 4 months and I realized I’m doing a terrible job of spreading autism awareness, respect and acceptance. … Continue Reading →

Enjoying the cool temps!

Habits Are Hard to Break

Habits are hard to break……I know this firsthand because I have so many bad habits myself that I need to break!  It’s been over a week now since my husband … Continue Reading →

Our oven without knobs and our 3rd or 4th strap that Brian hasn't pulled off.....yet

Seeking Heat

As I’ve mentioned before, Brian has many OCD behaviors.  As a result of the continual increase in these behaviors, Brian was put on Zoloft.  He has now been taking it … Continue Reading →

Mater comforting Brian in the hospital.

Service Dog Mater and Our Constant Challenges

I first started thinking about how beneficial a service dog would be for our son, Brian, many years ago.  He was only 3 when the thought occurred to me, and … Continue Reading →

Getting the Yard Ready for Mater

I’m sure many of us have similar childhood memories with regards to chores…. One of those memories came to mind yesterday as I was getting rid of the massive amount … Continue Reading →