Left to right....1) Shirt he ripped a hole in at school, 2) shirt he took out of his closet, put on and then preceded to shred, 3) shirt he took off the hanger and completed shredded up the entire back.

Shredding, Shredding and More Shredding

My little guy, Bri, LOVES to shred!!  It started with his socks this past year….or maybe last year….it’s all a blur.  He always starts it the exact same way.  He … Continue Reading →


Dear Family and Friends – We’re “ALL IN” 100% of the Time Now

Many of you know that after Brian’s recent school meeting with his teacher, therapist and BCBA, we (my husband and I) elected to go “all in” and work on many … Continue Reading →

Brian taking a break at the McWane Science Center.  Molly had to check out his quiet little nook too.

Reaching out in the Darkness

Daylight Savings Time always wreaks havoc in our household with both kids.  Brian was up at 2:30am Sunday morning but we were able to get him to go back to … Continue Reading →

Forgive Me Brian…..I’m Not Perfect, but I’m Trying

Dearest Brian, I hope you read this blog one day when you’re older.  I know your memory is unbelievable and I know you’ll remember this day, or one similar to … Continue Reading →

Stimming and Why I Haven’t Tried to Extinguish It

Brian is a hand-flapper and always has been.  Before his autism diagnosis I had taken him to see many specialists due to global developmental delays, including not walking until he … Continue Reading →

New Angle, More Shadows, Same Fear

If you’ve been following along with Bri’s journey then you know that he has a lot of anxiety about shadows.  Most of the time the curtains in our home are … Continue Reading →

Aggression Data August & September 2013

Today I met with Brian’s BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) to discuss his progress at school.  She had some wonderful things to say about Bri and we also talked about … Continue Reading →


Recommendation – Spoiled Rockin’ Kidz in Huntsville, AL

Spoiled Rockin’ Kidz is one of those places you fall in love with the instant you walk through the doors, and I’m not just talking about the kids falling in … Continue Reading →

Matrix - Sensory Bounce

Sensory Bounce Classes

The Matrix in Huntsville is offering sensory bounce classes and also has a special needs cheerleading squad.  Bri went with me today to take Molly to her gymnastics class and … Continue Reading →

Our Fortress

I wake up to hear Bri crying and I quickly assess the situation and the sound of his cry to process in my groggy mind whether he is hurt.  I … Continue Reading →