New Angle, More Shadows, Same Fear

If you’ve been following along with Bri’s journey then you know that he has a lot of anxiety about shadows.  Most of the time the curtains in our home are … Continue Reading →

Creative Food For Your Picky Eater

Comment to Win a “Creative Food For Your Picky Eater” Booklet

  A limited number of “Creative Food For Your Picky Eater” booklets were printed.  Share and comment on this post to win a free booklet with 22 ideas for fun … Continue Reading →

Tic Tac Toe with fish sticks, green beans and grapes.

Excited to Announce……

I’m so excited to announce that The Pilot Club of Huntsville has asked me to put together some of my original food art ideas into a little booklet that will … Continue Reading →


A Little Better of a Day

So today wasn’t as stressful as yesterday, but it was close.  Bri kept pulling Molly’s hair out today and he ended up spending a good portion of the day in … Continue Reading →


Bri & Mommy Date

Bri is out of school this week between summer school and the start of the 2013-2014 school year.  I decided to put Molly in childcare a few days this week … Continue Reading →

Bri Dock 2

Papa, NeNe & Water Safety

Do you remember growing up and having your parent’s right arm sling out across your chest pushing you back against your seat faster than you could blink as they were … Continue Reading →

We’re Getting a Service Dog for Bri

Bri has no concept of safety or if he’s in a dangerous situation.  He didn’t walk until he was 21 months old and it took him a while after that … Continue Reading →


Project Lifesaver

A few months ago I went through a terrifying experience that I hope I never have to go through again.  Bri wandered off and let himself into our neighbor’s front … Continue Reading →