Hopscotch Fun!

Hopscotch Fun

I LOVE summer!!!  Things aren’t as hectic and I have more time to be creative and have fun.  My daughter has been talking about hopscotch lately, so I decided to … Continue Reading →

Tic Tac Toe with fish sticks, green beans and grapes.

Excited to Announce……

I’m so excited to announce that The Pilot Club of Huntsville has asked me to put together some of my original food art ideas into a little booklet that will … Continue Reading →

Killer Fish

Attack of the Killer Fish

Brian’s snack this afternoon.   He checked it out.   Looked at it a little more.   He rearranged some seaweed and I think decided it wasn’t as cool as … Continue Reading →


For All the Dog Lovers Out There

My sweet daughter, Molly, is almost 2 1/2 years old.  There are two things she loves more than anything (besides her family of course), the color blue and dogs.  I … Continue Reading →


Sailing, Sailing Over the Ocean Blueberries

Bri ate almost the entire thing.  He LOVED it!  The blueberry waves were his favorite.

Bri pancake

Pancake Fail!!!

The thing with trying new things….there are failures but you have to keep trying until you have success!                     This morning … Continue Reading →

Another Train

Another Train for Bri

There is one thing for certain about Bri…..He will never get tired of trains!!!


Hearts for the Two Little Ones That Have Mine

Hearts for the two little ones that have mine. ♥♥    

Breakfast for Two

Breakfast for Two

Bri and Molly really enjoyed their breakfast this morning. Bri’s favorite part was the blueberry roof. Molly’s favorite thing was the cereal flower.

Life of Bri Rocket 2

Marshmallow Rocket with Tutorial

I’m not a rocket scientist but my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama has a plethora of them……This is for all the brilliant rocket scientists out there! Materials: Ginormous marshmallows for your … Continue Reading →