Sleeping on the Floor

Brian has severe OCD and is on two high doses of medication to combat it.  Luvox and Paxil have been a part of Brian’s daily medication for several years and … Continue Reading →

Botox Injections….Where?!?

I have barely blogged over the last year or two and am just now realizing how essential it is for me to do so, not just for cathartic reasons, but … Continue Reading →

The Spring Break from Hell

It was a ROUGH week!!!!  Molly was sick the entire week before Spring Break and we were planning on driving to Disney World over the break.  I pretty much twisted … Continue Reading →

A Heartbreaking Decision

Bri is 8 1/2 years old and has his entire life ahead of him.  I never imagined I would be making this decision for him at such a young age, … Continue Reading →

Fox Army Needs Improvement

I care what people think, a lot! It’s a blessing and a curse. For those new to my blog I’ll quickly recap.  My 8 year old son, Brian, is an … Continue Reading →

Dear Family and Friends – We’re “ALL IN” 100% of the Time Now

Many of you know that after Brian’s recent school meeting with his teacher, therapist and BCBA, we (my husband and I) elected to go “all in” and work on many … Continue Reading →

Much Appreciated Sensory Accommodations at Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children

♥ Most of you know that Brian has gone through many challenges since his first colonoscopy at the beginning of May.  It’s been a long road of uncertainty, questions, pain, … Continue Reading →

A Colonoscopy, Hematoma, Colitis, Barium Enema and a Rectal Biopsy –

  For those that are new to my blog…..a little history first…. Brian was born in Germany during our first duty station after my husband graduated from flight school with … Continue Reading →

Mental Health is a Real Issue That Needs to be Addressed!!!

It’s time to suck up my pride and ask for help.  I’d like to think I can do it alone, but I think it takes a village to raise every … Continue Reading →


We moved to Huntsville in the summer of 2012.  Morgan passed through on his way to fixed wing school at Ft. Rucker and was there until almost the end of … Continue Reading →