Independence…..It’s what I want for Brian…. He is now nearly 11 years and 4 months old and I think about how to help him gain more independence every day.  I … Continue Reading →

Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Room

I first heard of Snoezelen multi-sensory environment rooms when we lived in Watertown, New York while we were stationed at Ft. Drum.  Brian went to a wonderful inclusive preschool there … Continue Reading →

Sleeping on the Floor

Brian has severe OCD and is on two high doses of medication to combat it.  Luvox and Paxil have been a part of Brian’s daily medication for several years and … Continue Reading →

Botox Injections….Where?!?

I have barely blogged over the last year or two and am just now realizing how essential it is for me to do so, not just for cathartic reasons, but … Continue Reading →

The Spring Break from Hell

It was a ROUGH week!!!!  Molly was sick the entire week before Spring Break and we were planning on driving to Disney World over the break.  I pretty much twisted … Continue Reading →

Where is Baby Giraffe?

Brian’s attention to detail is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!  He scans the environment so quickly with his eyes and can immediately find things that are out of place.  They are … Continue Reading →

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and Medication Changes

Brian’s cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS) was discovered after Brian had been throwing up for over a year.  He would throw up around every 21 days, give or day a few days. … Continue Reading →

Update for the Past Year

It’s been a long time (nearly an entire year!) since I’ve blogged.  So many factors came into play this past year, as well as a fair amount of depression, that … Continue Reading →

2 Weeks Shy of 9 Years Old!

I know speaking of potty training your special needs child is often taboo, but I find it cause for CELEBRATION!  I hope Bri reads this blog when he is older … Continue Reading →

Addition with Apple Jacks and NO Worksheets

Generalization is a hard concept for children on the spectrum, and it became very apparent to my husband and myself as we tried to help Brian with his homework from … Continue Reading →